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Post-operative instructions?


What are my post-operative instructions?


How long will it take to recover from blepharoplasty?

During the first 1-3 days following surgery, you may experience swelling and bruises around your eyelid. You may continue to see improvements in the appearance of your eye for one to three months after the procedure. There are some possible risks associated with eyelid surgery, including bruising, bleeding, and difficulty closing your eyes due to swelling. However, these problems usually resolve within two weeks, on average.

Blepharoplasty post-operative instructions

For the first 48 hours, it is important to use cold compresses. In the first 24 hours following surgery, apply the cold compress to the eyelids every 10 to 15 minutes (on for 10 to 15 minutes, then off for 10 to 15 minutes). This should be done as often while you are awake as possible. Afterward, use warm compresses. By applying warm compresses, blood vessels are dilatable and swelling can be reduced as well as bruises removed. It is recommended that you sleep with your head elevated 45 degrees for several days to minimize swelling. Make sure that the incisions are kept clean using sterile water and inspected daily for signs of infection. You should avoid exposing scars to the sun, drinking alcohol, and wearing eye contact lenses.

Make sure that the incisions are kept clean using sterile water and inspected daily for signs of infection.

How do I take care of my incision?

Within a week, swelling will occur. The use of an ice compress is effective in reducing swelling within the first 72 hours. Following your surgery, you may have a swollen and bruised appearance to your eyes. You may apply silicone gel to prevent visible scarring after removal of stitches. It is common for swollen eyelids to be worse early in the morning and to subside by the middle of the day as you sit or walk around. You must avoid applying creams or makeup (such as eye shadow, eyeliner, or mascara) to the surgical sites for two weeks following the surgery. Makeup and creams can be applied to the rest of your face during this period.

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